How it Works

Discover what CalCoolio can do for you. You can compare the app results with the promotional promises and market offers.

Calculate your future annuities from savings - situation as if from a billboard

Does a pension's corporate slogan declare that "with a million in your pocket, your pension is easily managed" and promises a generous pension plan? Calculate what the word "generous" means an for how long you will actually enjoy such a pension.

You will surely find out that a million is not enough for a generous retirement. CalCoolio can easily help you calculate the real amount of savings needed for your desired retirement.

How to determine the optimal amount setting of your insurables

For example, do you arrange life insurance or disability insurance plans and want to know what the real value of the insurance claim will be in the future? Do you wonder for how long it will secure you, your clients or their families?

Being insured does not mean being insured well. CalCoolio can easily help you determine the optimal amount setting of insurables for insurable risks, which can make a significant impact to the insured and his/her family in the event of an insurance claim.